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03 May 2011

Angel Films A/S

Angel Films A/S was founded in 1988 as an arthouse film company with the aim to produce and import movies to the Scandinavian market. It is owned by Executive Producers Mogens Glad and Poul Erik Lindborg. In 2005 it acquired the Danish Film Studio in Lyngby. The company consist of three entities; Angle Production, Angel Distribution and Angel Scandinavia.

Angel Productions own productions including the popular TV series and feature films Nynne Nynne, A Short a Long, Okay and Tintin et Moi. Co-productions include: Dancer in the Dark (Zentropa), Sex, Hopp and Kärlek (Illusion Film), White Night (Nimbus Film) and Fighter (Nimbus Film).

Angel Distribution has over the years brought a range of films to Danish cinemas, from large Danish commercial success like Nynne to foreign independent films such as The Edukators and Shortbus. In addition, Angel also launched several documentaries including Anders Østergaard's acclaimed Tintin and I. In 2009, the company has acquired distribution rights to the French-produced TV series and feature film Dragon Hunters.

Angel Scandinavia is the rights-holding company in Angel Films. Focusing on co-productions, distribution, acquisitions and sales of national and international productions, Angel Scandinavia acquires and handles 15 -20 Danish and international feature films per year.

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