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15 Nov 2018

All Pakistan Music Conference

All Pakistan Music Conference (APMC) was established to boost the traditional arts scene in Pakistan. The team believes that art and music are not only integral to the collective expression of people but are also the mainstays of social cohesion in a society, being a critical catalyst for the benefit and development of society.

The APMC contributes towards developing a rich and ongoing cultural tradition around the classical arts in Karachi, by enhancing the learning practice, viewing, listening and appreciation of classical arts. This contributes towards creating a community that values its traditional arts and works towards preserving them.

The main activities of APMC are:

  1. Creating platforms for practitioners of traditional performing arts;
  2. Generating awareness of classical music and dance in society;
  3. Documenting and presenting cultural capital;
  4. Liaising with related organizations within Pakistan and internationally, for the promotion of traditional performing art forms.