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04 Jul 2011

Integrated Performing Arts Guild

Integrated Performing Arts Guild is a leading Philippine dance and theater company whose world acclaimed production integrates the dance, music and arts tradition of the south, in Mindanao. A recipient of various national awards and endowments that have acknowledged its contribution to contemporary Philippine Theater, it is a resident theatre company of the MSU, Iligan Institute of Technology.

With a repertoire of over 40 full-length productions performed in extensive tours nationally and abroad, IPAG has significantly contributed to Philippine National Theater. It is recognised as a leading Philippine theatre company today. Its productions have drawn much acclamation from critics and audiences. IPAG has developed a signature dance theater format based on the pangalay, an indigenous dance form that is the Philippines' closest claim to classical dance.

IPAG was founded in 1978 by its present Artistic Director Steven P.C. Fernandez and dance researcher Ligaya Fernando-Amilbangsa.