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03 Sep 2010

Foundation for Western Classical Performing Arts

The Foundation for Western Classical Performing Arts (FWCPA) believes the arts have a significant role in education; both for their intrinsic value, and for the ways in which they can enhance general academic achievement and improve students' social and emotional development. A comprehensive arts education may encompass such areas as the history of the arts, the honing of critical analysis skills, the re-creation of classic as well as contemporary works of art, and the expression of students' ideas and feelings through the creation of their own works of art. In other words, students should have the opportunity to respond to, perform, and create in the arts.

Promoting Western Art Music in the sense of a historical development supports a key concept that such a development is always only possible in the respective culture itself. In other words, the experience of Western classical music as a historical process may help to revitalise the same consciousness in the Cambodian people concerning their own classical music traditions.

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