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07 Sep 2010

Polish Book Institute

The Polish Book Institute is a national cultural institution. It was established by the Ministry of Culture to promote Polish literature worldwide and to popularise books as well as reading within the country.

The Institute tries to inform, encourage, convince translators of Polish literature to translate Polish books, foreign publishers to publish these translations, and the organisers of all sorts of literary events all over the world to invite Polish authors to take part in them. And when they are prepared to do so, the Institute helps them to make it happen. Thanks to the financial support which they provide, almost 3000 translations of Polish books have been published abroad. 

The Institute also has the Library Infrastructure programme, whose strategic goal is to transform community libraries in places of up to 50,000 inhabitants into modern centres of access to knowledge and culture, is implemented within the National Programme for the Development of Reading and is the response to the need for a radical improvement in the state of public libraries in Poland.

They have also been administering the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage’s grant programmes in the area of literature, and since April 2010, they have also been publishing some of Poland’s oldest and most highly regarded cultural periodicals.