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30 Nov 2015

Vladivostok | Zarya artist residency call


Based at the ZARYA Center for Contemporary Art in Vladivostok, Russian Federation the ZARYA Artist-in-Residence program is a regional project to support art professionals. International call for artists in wide range of arts disciplines, aiming to strengthen connections with the Far East region for residencies in Winter-Summer 2016.

Welcoming artists of all ages, nationalities and media, the program povides a potent catalyst for the local art scene. A new format for the Far East, ZARYA Artist-in-Residence encourages the artist to interact with his or her audience and surroundings, leading to a new cultural symbiosis, a fresh perspective and space for artistic expression.


Applications for Winter-Summer 2016 will be accepted from October 26 until November 30.

The ZARYA Artist-in-Residence program operates on an open-call system, in which applications are evaluated in terms of both the strength of the proposal and its engagement with the Far East region.

The ZARYA Center for Contemporary Art welcomes artists working in the fields of painting, sculpture, graphics, photography, video, installation, performance, choreography, theater, music and street art to apply for an artist residency. The residency is open to individual artists as well as collectives. Priority is given to projects that actively engage the local context.

Residencies are either one or two months long.

The residency program will cover up to 18,000 rubles towards the cost of train or airfare to Vladivostok.

Deadline for applications: 30 November 2015

The ZARYA Artist-in-Residence at the ZARYA Center for Contemporary Art provides a unique opportunity for artists from all over the world to live and work in Vladivostok in a specially-designed environment, fully equipped to enable artists to concentrate on the production of new work. The artist residency sees its mission in the support of professionals in the field of contemporary art.

The residency program was designed to facilitate an analysis of the surrounding environment, its development, and the establishment of an open-ended dialogue with both the professional field and the wider audience of Vladivostok, with the end goal of revitalizing the cultural landscape.

The residency program plans the stay for each artist to include both meetings with the general public through events like open studios held every Saturday, and professional collaborations like lectures, workshops and round table discussions every Friday.

See website for all details on how to apply