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20 Aug 2010

South India Mobile Artistic Platform | Call for artists


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Mobile Artistic Platform is a trans-disciplinary travelling platform that will move across different locations in South India.  Call to artists from different artistic/creative backgrounds.

At the core of the project is a commitment to foster meaningful interactions and vital collaborations between Asian, Indian and International artists through participatory and new media tools.

The participation is open to 6 International/Indian/Asian participants from different artistic/creative backgrounds.

The experimental format of this project will try to address a series of issues concerning sustainable tourism, cross-cultural exchange and hospitality. Some generic questions will lead the traveling residency and the creative collaborations between the artists and the people, places and practices encountered:

* In which ways the act of travelling can be understood as a learning process, as well as becoming a space for creative collaborations?

* How can we approach mobility in terms of artistic process?

* What forms of exchange can activate a critical reflection on the relationship between different sets of polarisation (perception/projection, observer/observed, inclusion/exclusion, artist/tourist)?

The group will travel through a series of locations that will frame the specificity of our investigations.  At the junction between travel and artistic production what is important for us to explore are the ways through which self-organisation and creative exchange could be initiated and experienced collectively.

The project will culminate with an open studio presentation at 1Shanti RoadGallery in Bangalore. After the completion of the project a website and a web-based radio station/podcast will act as the archives of all the visual/textual/aural material produced during the platform.

M.A.P. - Mobile Artistic Platform throughout South India

Call for Application NOW OPEN - Deadline 20th of August

M.A.P. - a Mobile Artistic Platform throughout South India - is a trans-disciplinary mobile platform organised by Reloading Images (Berlin) in collaboration with Maraa Media Collective (Bangalore) and Cityspinning (Bangalore). The project will move across different locations in South India between 18th October and 15th November 2010.

Supported by: ASEF (Asia Europe Foundation) and ANA (Arts Network Asia).

See also: Asia-Europe Cultural Partnership/AECPI New Media projects

Source: On The Move