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15 Apr 2019

Museums in Short - call for entries

Classic car on streets of Riga, Latvia; promotional film for Riga Motor Museum

Museums in Short is an international contest open to short videos realized by/for/with museums.

Since 2012, Museums in Short award is addressed to institutions, authors or producers who use audiovisual language to enhance museum communication and engage audiences. Projects may include documentaries, animations, trailers and visual installations.

The Award is open to the following categories of videos

  • Promotional: videos and trailers promoting museums from a global point of view and general video presentations of the museums.
  • Exhibits: short videos realized for permanent or temporary exhibitions.
  • Storytelling: short narratives in video format. This can include fictional documentaries, interviews, motion graphics, animations and more.

The deadline for the submissions is 15th April 2019.

  1. Participants are museums / producers / authors.
  2. Entries are supposed to be in video format, related to museums and produced from 1st January 2017 onwards.
    Videos must be in English or with English subtitles. Videos in different languages without English subtitles won’t be accepted.
    The maximum length required is of 10 minutes.
    Each museum can be represented by only 1 video.
    The final judgment on the pertinence of the content is a prerogative of the organization.

Take a look at the finalists of Museums in Short 2018

Image: Riga Motor Museum, Latvia, finalist 2018