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15 Dec 2019

Barcelona | Mecal Pro 2020 call for short films

Call to submit your film/animation/music video to the 22nd edition of Mecal Pro – 2020 Barcelona International Short and Animation Film Festival.

Mecal Pro, the Barcelona International Short and Animation Film Festival, is strongly committed to promoting the exhibition and promotion of audiovisual creations in the short format and to foster emerging talent, by holding events and awards specially aimed at young creators. In this sense, it also works as a short film promotion network, organising screenings both at a national and an international level, collaborating with festivals, embassies, and institutions around the world.

Eligible works have been produced after 1st January 2018. There are no restrictions regarding the topic or genre of the films, but they cannot exceed 30 min. Any work containing dialogue must be presented with English subtitles. Those works whose original version is in English do not require subtitles, but the dialogue list will be required in case they are selected.
The festival has four official competing sections (Fiction, Animation, Oblique and Documentary) and several non-competing parallel sections.

A small submission fee is required (ranging from (5 and 7 EUR).

Submission deadline: 15th December 2019.

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