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20 Sep 2014

Memefest 2014 | call for entries


For the 11th MemeFest - the Festival of Socially Responsible Communication and Art - international entries are invited on the theme: RADICAL INTIMACIES: DIALOGUE IN OUR TIMES, with categories for visual communication practice; critical writing and participatory art.

Memefest is an artist-led project run by Memefest Kolektiv, based in Slovenia and Australia.

Dialogue is tirelessly presented as ‘the’ solution to the problems of ‘our’ times – in art, war, love, democracy and even in the workplace. In fact, dialogue has been central to the ethos of Memefest since its inception back in 2002. But what if dialogue is not working?

RADICAL INTIMACIES: DIALOGUE IN OUR TIMES is the theme of this year’s Memefest. We’re trying to ask a dfficult question in order to honestly explore all the complicated failures and the hopeful potentialities that feed our faith in dialogue – politically, creatively, laboriously and intimately.

Respond to this proposition in the Memefest 2014 Friendly Competition.

Read more about the festival’s outlines here, or go directly to the category that interests you the most and check them out here: Visual Communication practice, Critical Writing and the participatory art/communication category 'Beyond...'!

Deadline for your submissions is September 20th.

Participation is free of charge and there is no age limit or any other restriction.


A special Award in each category will be given in collaboration with the Faculty of Health Arts and Design, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne: Memefest/Swinburne Award for Imaginative Critical Intervention.

This Award will be part of our artist/designer-communicator/theorist in residence program. We will fly one author of a chosen project in each category (Visual communication practice, Beyond..., Critical writing) to Melbourne, Australia.

You will be able to participate in an international symposium and a special workshop for extradisciplinary investigation at the Swinburne Faculty of Health Arts and Design. You will be invited to collaborate with some of the best hearts and minds in communication/design/art on projects that will result in a public intervention in the city of Melbourne.

About Memefest: Memefest Kolektiv is interested in creating situations that have the potential to engage people in transformative social relations through communication, design and art. We are based in Slovenia and Australia. The loose Kolektiv enjoys its many different roles and integrates education, curatorial and editorial work, publishing, investigation, organization of events, facilitation and production of various media including communication in the public sphere, theory, photography, design and art. We work in both- physical and virtual public space and usually like to connect them.