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15 May 2012

Victorian College of the Arts

The Victorian College of the Arts, within the Faculty of VCA and MCM at the University of Melbourne’s Southbank Campus is situated on the land occupied by 1000 generations of Australia’s first people. The VCA is committed to providing a deep and transformative learning experience in pursuit of artistic excellence, innovation and an absorbing education and welcome you to a community of artists of all sorts: contemporary artists and writers, choreographers, musicians, designers, performers, actors, filmmakers, dancers and many more, all committed to the production of new artistic work. The Victorian College of the Arts brings together an extensive range of creative disciplines including Art, Dance, Theatre, Film and Television, Contemporary Music, Music Theatre, Production, Community Cultural Development and Indigenous Arts Management.

The college celebrates a depth of study in the Schools of Art, Film and Television and Performing Arts, the Centre for Cultural Partnerships, the Centre for Ideas and the new and expanding Contemporary Music Program, and they encourage the students to explore and experiment with other disciplines as they encounter them. They offer undergraduate, graduate and short course programs, creating an atmosphere of critical confidence and creative risk taking, as well as high expectations in development of skill and facility. This fusion of immersive training and critical investigation provides the students with the capacity to present inventive collaborations and high individual achievement.

The VCA is located in the arts precinct at Southbank, close to the heart of Melbourne’s artistic life. This vibrant community of artists, students and staff is committed to pursuing the highest aspirations for contemporary cultural life. They encourage an atmosphere of trust and respect and a curiosity driven approach to learning, one that values achievement, learns from failure, and builds a resilience for the future challenges.