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02 Mar 2023

Leaky Archive: Digital Fellowship for artists from the Global South

Calling all artists, activists, makers, experts, and collectives from the Global South for the Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum (RJM) and the Academy of Media Arts Cologne–Research Group Networks (KHM) digital fellowships, April–June 2023, as part of the project Leaky Archive. 

The project explores how colonial archives and collections can be critically developed and reflected upon with the help of digitality. The 4 fellows of this round are free to choose what kind of idea they want to pursue. It can include methodological and/or thematic approaches to collections, archives, databases, or individual subjects in the collections

Over 3 months, the 4 fellows will be able to dedicate themselves individually to their projects, engage in exchange, and share their research. The participants will not be physically together but will use various online tools to stay in touch and document the process. The project sees digital fellowships as a contemporary format of support and networking in a globalised scene shaped by digitalisation.

Who can apply?

Artists, activists, makers, professionals, and collectives from the Global South and who live in the Global South can apply. 

Leaky Archive defines the Global South not as a geographical concept but as a self-identification for the suffering caused by colonialism and capitalism and the resistance to overcoming or minimising such suffering. Although most South folks live in the Southern hemisphere, it is a South that also exists in Europe in the form of marginalised peoples.

What is offered?

  • A grant of 2,500 EUR for 3 months of part-time research (April–June 2023, 160 hours)
  • Project funding for up to 500 EUR
  • Full access to the database of the museum
  • Long-term participation in the international networks of the RJM and the KHM
  • Participation in a model project to democratise the RJM collections
  • Organisation of online public events during the fellowship period

Application guidelines 

Deadline: 2 March 2023