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30 Jun 2019

Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Awards Fellowship 2020 - call for nominations

award winners on stage

The Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Awards Fellowship exists to celebrate individuals or groups who have had a significant impact fighting censorship anywhere in the world. Index works with the winners to provide longer-term assistance to help fellows maximise their impact and broaden their networks.

Fellowships are awarded in four categories: Arts, Campaigning, Digital Activism and Journalism.  The fellowship offers 12 months of mentorship, networking and strategic support to help fellows maximize their impact and sustainability. Fellows are given a week’s training in London focusing on communications, digital security and business planning and then Index works with each fellow for a year on a project or development area of their choosing.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Awards. Now, more than ever, we want to ensure the fellowship gives a voice to the voiceless and so we are looking prioritise applications from organisations or individuals who are most in need. These could include those who have little to no access to institutional funding and/or who are not yet part of the broader, global freedom of expression networks. 

The Arts category is for artists and arts producers whose work challenges repression, injustice and celebrates artistic free expression.  This could include visual or performing artists, musicians, cartoonists, creative writers, whether solo or collectives.

The Campaigning category is for activists and campaigners who have had a marked impact in fighting censorship and promoting free expression on the ground. This could include individuals or organisations.

Digital Activism is for ground-breaking technology that circumvents censorship enabling the free and independent exchange of information. This could include new apps, digital tools or software.

Journalism is for courageous and determined journalism that exposes censorship, threats to free expression and demands access to information. This could include bloggers, news outlets and investigative nonprofits.

Organisations and individuals are invited to nominate worthy recipients of the awards

by 30 June 2019 deadline