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25 Jun 2011

Kinitiras Studio | Performing Arts Residency | open call


Kinitiras Studio is the first residency centre for performing arts in the city of Athens, and is located in the Acropolis area. It offers small scale residencies for artists and theorists from around the world, who want to research, develop and present their works.

An inspiring environment was created to promote multicultural understanding that allows innovation and creativity to flourish. Kinitiras Studio also holds lectures and seminars given by an international team of artists and theorists who want to bring people closer to the performing arts.

Applications to residencies of 1 to 2 weeks are currently being accepted. During each residency, the centre offers a studio space of 100m2, sound and light equipments, projectors, and videos cameras. Free internet access is also provided. Each resident is given free accommodation consisting of a loft with a bathroom and small kitchen located inside the studio . By offering workshop sessions during the residency, participants can also be exempted from travel and per diem expenses.

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Images courtesy of Kinitiras Studio