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20 Mar 2018

Japan - Kamiyama Artist in Residence call


International call for Kamiyama Artist in Residence - KAIR 2018. 2-3 artists will be selected for the residency in rural Japan. Eligible artists must be involved with painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, land art and other art making. Grants are not made in the disciplines of production art.

The official period of stay is set from August 25 to Nov 6. It is possible to participate for a shorter period as well (please see guidelines for requirements for the residency stay).

Creating "Kamiyama International Cultural Village" is the main purpose behind the KAIR Project. Our hope is that the artists will produce works full of originality, influenced by the experience of spending time amidst the timeless nature of Kamiyama, deep in the Japanese countryside, and inspiration from interacting with the friendly local people.

Through the works created by the artists as they come into contact with the tangible and intangible ‘God’s Mountain’ (the meaning of ’Kamiyama’), we hope to be able to discover what impact ‘encounters with the unknown’ has upon the artists and the community itself.

Deadline for applications: 20 March 2018