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30 Sep 2016

IAFOR Documentary Film Award 2016


Supported by The International Academic Forum (IAFOR), the IAFOR Documentary Film Award is a global competition celebrating the best in documentary filmmaking. Documentary has a rich history of exposing truths, telling stories, raising awareness and creating discussion – all practices valued at IAFOR.

In this competition, content is king. We welcome submissions drawing on compelling subject matter from any imaginable topic. Production quality is valued, but not the sole basis for judgment. This is an open competition, welcoming storytelling from both amateurs and seasoned professionals.

The IAFOR Documentary Film Award 2016 is hosted by The Asian Conference on Media and Mass Communication (MediAsia2016) and The Asian Conference on Film & Documentary (FilmAsia2016).

One Grand Prize Winner will receive a cash prize of $1,000 USD.

Winning entries will also be awarded a mentorship session with an industry professional and admission to an upcoming IAFOR Film or Media Conference in Asia or Europe – a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the craft and to network.


Anyone currently enrolled in an educational institute as a student or under the age of 30 will be considered a “Newcomer”. All other entries will be considered “Professional”. Please note your choice of category in your submission details.

There are three formats you can enter based on run-times (total run time includes titles and credits): Mini-Documentary: under 20 minutes, Short Documentary: between 20 and 60 minutes, and Feature-Length Documentary: over 60 minutes.


  • Professional Mini-Documentary

  • Professional Short Documentary

  • Professional Feature Documentary


  • Newcomer Mini-Documentary

  • Newcomer Short Documentary

  • Newcomer Feature Documentary

Deadline for entries: 30 September 2016

There is an entry fee payable.

The logo for the IAFOR Documentary Film Award is inspired by the Japanese kanji “目”. The meanings of “目” range from eye, eyesight, sight, vision, look, stare, glance, to encompass experience or viewpoint. 目 is our opportunity to focus, share and engage our own visions, perspectives, and insights with each other, to keep an eye on those things that interest and inspire us as they happen and evolve.