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12 Nov 2019

Horizons Arts-Nature in Sancy - call for projects 2020

The Horizons “Arts-Nature” in Sancy event, programmed for 13th June till 20th September 2020, will be the fourteenth contemporary art based event. A call is open for artists proposals to make temporary site-specific artworks, installed in natural sites in the Sancy area of central France.

The pieces are short-lived and specifically made for the Sancy massif (heart of the Massif Central in France). Managed by the Sancy Tourist Office, the call for projects involves the creation of 10 works of art into the territory of The Sancy Massif Community of Municipalities.

This event is first and foremost a site specific project which likes to think of itself as long lasting and which involves all the local authorities and players in the tourist trade concerned. Horizons “Arts-Nature” in Sancy is an artistic event of national influence and freely accessible; it is aimed at people of all kinds, informed or not. The works of art will be put up in places where they highlight the surrounding countryside’s qualities.

Art grant: a grant totalling €8,000 including VAT will be given to each artist (or team) selected including €6.500 for artistic fees and €1.500 for rights of authors (recommended proportion). This budget will be managed entirely by the artist and approved by the organizer. The budget must cover all expenses necessary to carry out the work. The artist manages the project from A to Z to find out all the tasks of the organization, research suppliers, requests for quote, logistics for delivery and routing of materials (see guidelines for the requirements for artists, and what must be covered by the grant, including obligatory presence of the artists on designated dates).

Artists are requested to view the proposed sites (specifications online) and choose 3 of these for their proposal.

See guidelines for the full brief for proposals - some of the essential elements are:

Type of work: The artworks are in situ installations. Created in the middle of nature on a natural chosen space, they suggest the close ties between art and nature.

Original work: It is original creation made and thought for Horizons. The installations are created specifically for a territory, its landscape or even for the natural space in opposition to transportable pieces in another context than Horizons.

Note: the organizer will cancel the selection of a work, which would be produced in duplicate in order to be exhibited at the same time as Horizons on another event, or which would have already been exposed. -

Ephemeral: The installations are ephemeral. Their lifetime must be for a minimum of 3.5 months beginning at the installation of the work.

Environmentally friendly: In its conception (materials and anchoring), its installation in the site, its working and its disassembly the artwork have to be respectful of the environment and will not have a negative impact on the natural site. 

Deadline for proposals: 12 November 2019