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12 Nov 2016

Horizons Arts Nature Sancy 2017


Call for projects for Horizons 'Arts Nature' in Sancy 2017 - a temporary site-specific environmental art installations event in central France.  In 2017, 10 works will be selected.  The final decision will be announced in March 2017.

The HORIZONS “Arts-Nature” in Sancy event is programmed for 24th June till 24th September 2017 and will be the 11th contemporary art based event.


The art works are temporary and site-specific, specifically made for the Sancy massif (heart of the Massif Central in France). Managed by the Sancy Tourist Office, the call for projects involves the creation of 10 works of art into the territory of The Sancy Massif Community of Municipalities. This event is first and foremost a site-specific project which likes to think of itself as long lasting and which involves all the local authorities and players in the tourist trade concerned.

Horizons “Arts-Nature” in Sancy is an artistic event of national influence and freely accessible; it is aimed at people of all kinds, informed or not. The works of art will be put up in places where they highlight the surrounding countryside’s qualities. Discovery trails and Art workshops for children are held around the art piece in order to mediate their content.

Spirit of the event: The novelty of the event comes from the fact that the temporary visual works of art are created specifically for the Sancy Massif. The artist designs a piece especially for the area and site. That action is as important as the work itself.

Art grant: a grant totalling €8,000 including VAT will be given to each artist (or team) selected including €6.500 for artistic fees and €1.500 for rights of authors. This budget will be managed entirely by the artist and approved by the organizer. The budget must cover all expenses necessary to carry out the work. The artist manages the project from A to Z to find out all the tasks of the organization, research suppliers, requests for quote, logistics for delivery and routing of materials.

Download guidelines in English (also available in French) for full details: http://www.sancy.com/documents/horizons17/Specification_AC2017_EN_V2.pdf

Deadline for project proposals: 12 November 2016