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21 Jun 2013

Bangalore | residency at JAAGA for visiting German artists


Jaaga, based in Bangalore, India, seeks to nurture innovative endeavours by providing space, core infrastructure and a diverse social environment to artists, designers, geeks and activists. A Goethe-Institute funded residency is offered for German artists. Artists, curators, researchers from other countries may apply for other self-directed residencies.


Deadline to Apply: 21 June 2013

The Goethe-Institut will bear economy return airfare from Germany to Bangalore and accommodation during the Residency, in collaboration with Jaaga. In addition the Goethe-Institut offers a weekly maintenance stipend of Rs. 7000 (for the time spent in Bangalore), payable in Rupees in Bangalore, which would adequately cover daily board and routine expenses. Residents can apply to Jaaga for a grant to cover production costs, once the project outline is approved.

About the JAAGA residency - open application process!

Jaaga offers artists, curators, researchers, entrepreneurs and creative practitioners interested in engaging with the city of Bangalore our residency space in the heart of town. We have two cosy apartments and one dorm with four bunk beds. Our apartments have private bathrooms, living rooms and a small kitchen. The dorm apartment requires our quests to share the bathroom and kitchen with other dorm guests.

Jaaga is not just a residential space but also has Courtyard Cafe run by a dedicated team of designers, artists and architects that uses fresh organic produce in its simple global menu. Jaaga is the creative common ground for the arts, design, tech and activist communities. Our auditorium and commons are used daily for multiple events as diverse as artists flea markets, tech talks, artist exhibitions and workshops. While our co-work space has rapidly become home to the city's entrepreneurial best.

We choose our residents based on their work and demonstrated interest to connect and explore Bangalore in sincere collaboration with people, city spaces and organisations. We are a window to the heart of Bangalore's cultural, tech and activist circles and value our role as guides to our guests' experience of Bangalore. We expect our residents to honor the unique perspective and connections we offer by their contribution either via exhibitions, talks, workshops or voluntary time on on-going projects as they develop their work.

Jaaga residents have been supported by Goethe-Institut, Swissnex, Microsoft Research India, amongst other prestigious organisations. Residency candidates are expected to come with their own funding for their stay and project execution. If required, Jaaga would assist in their funding process, by supplying a letter of collaboration.

The Jaaga Residency is open to travellers and visitors from anywhere. While we are interested in people from a tech, activist, research or artistic background, it is not a required aspect of being a resident with us.

If you are interested to be a resident and consider yourself an expert who would collaborate with us, and bring your unique perspective and expertise to our world in a way that is meaningful to us both