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30 Jun 2022

Austria | The Festival University 2022

Ars Electronica and Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU) invite students from around the world to apply for the Festival University 2022held in Linz, Austria, from 18 August to 14 September 2022.

Up to 200 young people from different cultural and educational backgrounds will be invited and gather to explore and define new pathways towards transformational change. The Ars Electronica Festival (bringing together art, technology and society) will be the public stage to present their ideas and the outcomes of the Festival University.

With “Welcome to Planet B” as the title for this year’s festival, the focus of the programme is not just on climate change and its effects, but extends to the even more important questions of how we as a society, as nations, as a global community can respond to the challenges it poses.

Students will come from a range of disciplines, including art and design. There will also be 40 experts (from science, technology, art and humanitarian work to business and politics), as well as guidance and support from a group of facilitators.

Who can apply? 

Students from all disciplines aged 16 to 25. Applicants younger than 18 years require the written permission of their parents to participate. 

What is provided? 

There are no tuition fees. 

Stipends will cover flights, visas, and accommodation for the duration of the programme, as well as main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) on-site. 

Application guidelines 

Deadline: 30 June 2022