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26 Sep 2012

PRIX Ars Electronica Collide@CERN Residency Award


Prix Ars Electronica Collide@CERN is the new international competition for digital artists to win a residency at CERN the world’s largest particle physics laboratory in Geneva.

The prize is part of the new Collide@CERN artists residency programme initiated by the laboratory. This new prize marks a 3 year science/arts cultural partnership and creative collaboration between CERN and Ars Electronica – which began with CERN’s cooperation with Origin – the Ars Electronica Festival in 2011.

The aim of the Prix Ars Electronica Collide@CERN prize is to take digital creativity to new dimensions by colliding the minds of scientists with the imaginations of artists. In this way, we seek to accelerate innovation across culture in the 21st century – creating new dimensions in digital arts, inspired by the ideas, engineering and science generated at CERN, and produced by the winning artist in collaboration with the transdisciplinary expertise of the FutureLab team at Ars Electronica.

The residency is in two parts – with an initial two months at CERN, where the winning artist will have a specially dedicated science mentor from the world famous science lab to inspire him/her and his/her work. The second part will be a month with the Futurelab team and mentor at Ars Electronica Linz with whom the winner will develop and make new work inspired by the CERN residency. From the first meeting between the artists, their CERN and Futurelab mentors, they will all participate in a dialogue which will be a public blog of their creative process until the final work is produced and maybe beyond. In this way, the public will be able to join in the conversation.

This final work will be showcased both at the Globe of Science and Innovation at CERN, in Geneva and at the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz. It will also be presented in the Prix Ars Electronica’s “CyberArts” catalogue.

The winning artist will receive:

10,000 Euros prize money

Rent, subsistence and travel are funded from a designated limited fund that is in addition to the prize money. The awarding of this prize is thanks to the generosity of Ars Electronica and the funding of the creative residencies made possible by the generosity of anonymous donors. All artists insurances for the residencies are funded by the Exclusive Sponsor of all artists insurances for the Collide@CERN programme, UNIQA Assurances SA Switzerland.

We are looking for digital artists who will be truly inspired by CERN, showing their wish to engage with the ideas and/or technology of particle physics and with CERN as a place of scientific collaboration, using them as springboards of the imagination which dare to go beyond the paradigm. You might be a choreographer, performer, visual artist, film maker or a composer – what you all have in common is that you use the digital as the means of making your work and/or the way of presenting it.
"This residency award will fundamentally change the way you perceive the world, which is the most valuable experience an artist can have," said Julius von Bismarck, winner of last year's award. "That's certainly what did it for me." Von Bismarck is currently developing ideas initiated during his residency at CERN, one of which will be showcased at this year's Ars Electronica Festival, The Big Picture, which takes place from 30 August to 3 September in Linz, Austria.

Last year's open call attracted 395 entries from over 40 countries. This year, artists from all fields are encouraged to apply: experimental sound work and music, architecture and new design, sculpture, generative art and film, social media projects and new design that explores how people relate science and technology are all welcome. The only proviso is that applicants must use digital techniques in the production and/or the development of their proposed project.

See website for all details of how to apply and the online submission guidelines.

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