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20 Sep 2018

ASSITEJ International Gathering 2019 - open call for productions


ASSITEJ Norway and the Sand festival welcome you to the international ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering in Kristiansand 2 -7 September 2019. There is an international open call for performing arts productions for young audiences, to be presented in Kristiansand, Norway at the event.

The ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering (AAG) is the international movement`s largest and most important gathering of artists, scholars, presenters and buyers of performing arts for young audiences. Several hundred delegates from all over the world are expected to the picturesque coastal town of Kristiansand in the very south of Norway. The events will take place within a radius of less than 2 kilometers, with the stunning Kilden Theatre and Concert Hall as the main venue.

“Towards the Unknown – Confronting the Present”
«Towards the Unknown» is the overall theme into which ASSITEJ has engaged this three-year period, and at the gathering in Kristiansand we will confront the present to take us one step further. What is the status of the performing arts for young audiences around the world today? We think much depends on how we see the child, and how we define childhood. Simple questions with conflicting answers, depending on where you come from and what standpoint you have got. How are our different views on childhood reflected in the performing arts today?

Want to submit your production?
We are now starting the process of looking for some of the most interesting productions for a young audience from every corner of the world. Please submit by:
– filling out the registration form: http://sandfestival.no/registration-form/

Remember to attach:
– a video link to a full length unedited recording of the performance
– a link to a technical rider

Deadline for submissions is 20 September 2018.

Submissions received after this date will not be considered. ASSITEJ Norway will provide fees, accommodation and per diem. International travel and freight will be the responsibility of the company. An appointed artistic council with international representation will curate the program. The selected companies will be notified at latest in January 2019.