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01 Jun 2015

Architecture Film Festival Lisbon | open call



Open call to submit films for the 3rd edition of the Architecture Film Festival Lisbon 2015, taking place 1-4 October. The theme is 'Welcome to the Future'. Arquiteturas is the first international film festival in Portugal to screen documentary, experimental, animation and fiction films about architecture.

Deadline for submissions: 1st June 2015

The Future is a strange place to be. Nor it has yet happened, as it is perfectible reasonable for one to dwell in. To project the Future both enables us to give sense to the Past and inform the Present. Architecture is a discipline always turned forward — the ability to constantly think two steps ahead is the most powerful skill of the architect, but sometimes it is also the less recognized and even appreciated. And Cinema, like a time machine, is the medium of excellence to travel into alternative and sometimes real-like versions of upcoming realities (at least for the duration of the film).

That is why, for this edition of Arquiteturas, we propose a journey into different visions of Future, from “futures” that time as already proved obsolete, to those that are just intemporal. We also wish to go beyond the reasonable and seek for improbable antevisions of new worlds to be, which, as they might be deranged or borderline insane, may also be prophetic, visionary and insightful. After all, what Future have we now?

You can now submit to the Architecture Film Festival Lisbon through FilmFestivalLife.