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01 Jun 2017

Arquiteturas | Film Festival Lisbon open call


The 5th edition of Arquiteturas, the international film festival in Lisbon dedicated to film of all genres about architecture, will explore the notion of the contemporary architect’s role in society as well as the
metamorphosis in the profession. Let’s Get Physical is the theme. Entries invited.

The architecture profession and the figure of the architect have been depicted in cinema since about 1904 (the oldest example of an architect as the main character in a film). As well in fiction as in reality the shifts in the image we have of the persona of the architect have changed throughout history.

A skilled human with a broad learning and various talents – the architect of Vitruvius – the architect of today is also a curator, product designer, writer, filmmaker, photographer, philosopher, graphic designer, artist, activist, social worker, developer, etc… Is this development setting the architect further away from the origin of the word architecture or is it bringing the profession to an unknown future?

Arquiteturas is the first international film festival in Portugal to screen documentary, experimental, animation and fiction films about architecture.

The festival focuses on the growing global interest in interdisciplinary approaches to contemporary architecture. It uses the power of moving images as a tool for broadening public understanding and appreciation of architecture.

The festival presents relevant documentaries, fiction and experimental films that expose both Portuguese and international contemporary architecture as well as the permanent dialogue between city, space and narrative. Besides screenings we have several activities that enhance architecture multidisciplinary such as informal talks, thesis presentations, masterclasses, workshops, installations, exhibitions, a bookshop and a guide tour.