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24 Oct 2022

Japan | 2022 Asia Digital Art Award

Asia Digital Art Award (ADAA) FUKUOKA is calling for submissions from emerging and established creators of digital art.

ADAA, established in 2001 in Kyushu, Japan, encourages the creation of digital content that combines technology with Asian sensibility. The competition strives to spread the notion of “high-level artistic expression based on logical thinking” by recognising digital content creators who represent Asian culture.

There are two categories in the Award: general category and student category (entries by pairs or groups are also accepted). 

Works accepted are: 

  • Still Images: Works created by computer graphics and digital imaging
  • Moving Images: Works created by computer graphics, video editing as well as other digital techniques such as animating
  • Interactive Art: Works applying media technology and adopting interactivity, focusing on mutual relationship such as "human and machine" or "human and human" (performing art or installation art)
  • Entertainment (Applied Industry): Works produced or prototyped for industrial applications, such as video games, Smartphone App, TV/Web commercials, and promotional images.

Awards are given to the best work from all categories and prize money of 500,000 JPY will be granted from the KAKIHARA Science and Technology Research Foundation.

The award winners will participate in an exhibition from 3 August to 3 December 2023.

This year there is also the A.I. Art Award

In response to the recent debate on the expression, rights, creativity, and evaluation methods of artworks using image-generating artificial intelligence (A.I.), ADAA has decided to hold the A.I. Art Award as an emergency project. Through this project, they will deepen the discussion on what A.I.-based creation is and how it will affect creators, critics, and the society that enjoys the works.

This award will be judged and awarded separately from the existing Asia Digital Art Awards (ADAA). Therefore, please note that no prize money or ministerial awards will be awarded.

Application guidelines 

Deadline (for both Awards): 24 October 2022