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02 Oct 2017

2018 Grant of the Japan World Exposition 1970 Commemorative Fund


Governmental, non-profit non-governmental and other international organisations are invited to apply for grants to commemorate the success of EXPO 70, matching the aim of the 1970 Japan World Exposition held in Osaka, for projects contributing to international understanding, including international cultural exchange.

The Japan World Exposition 1970 Commemorative Fund Grant program (JEC Fund Grant program) was established in commemoration of the success of the Japan World Exposition of 1970 (Expo '70), the theme of which was "Progress and Harmony for Mankind," to convey the legacy and ideals of Expo '70 to  future generations. A part of the revenues from Expo '70 was managed as the Fund. The JEC Fund Grant program has offered grants (JEC Fund Grants) to approximately 4,500 projects with a part of the investment income of the Fund since 1971. These projects, which were designed to contribute to
international understanding or stage cultural events, were considered appropriate for commemorating the success of Expo '70, and the amount of JEC Fund Grants offered during this period totalled approximately 19.1 billion yen. For fiscal year 2018, the JEC Fund Grant program will invite the public in Japan and overseas to submit applications for Grant-eligible projects that are estimated to total 9.2 million yen.

Projects qualifying for the JEC Fund Grant

Projects suitable for commemorating the success of Expo '70 and matching the "aim of the Japan World Exposition" (※ 1) qualify for the JEC Fund Grant.:

Projects contributing to international understanding

(1) Projects contributing to international cultural exchange and enhancement of international goodwill

(2) International projects in the fields of education and academic study

Projects should be recognised as having an association with Japan and should not benefit a limited number of individuals. See guidelines for further information. The minimum grant which can be applied for is 500,000 JPY (around €3,800), the maximum is 10m JPY (around €76,000).

"Reference" Excerpt from the description of the "aim of the Japan World Exposition"

"……… the Japan World Exposition aimed at a spirit of the "harmonious development," which means that understanding and tolerance enable various civilizations to coexist in a polyphyletic manner around the world and that advancement should be found especially in such harmony of diversity. This was to bring the Eastern thought called "wa no kokoro (sprit of harmony)" back to modern society and then develop it as a new idea to connect the Eastern and Western worlds……"

* 1 Regarding the "aim of the Japan World Exposition," please see our website for details.

* 2 The expenses incurred in constructing and/or improving a facility will not be eligible for the Grant as of the FY 2018 application.

* 3 Regarding academic international conferences, projects with educational or cultural aspects are eligible for the Grant. Please describe the educational or cultural aspects in the section of project outline in the application form if you apply for the Grant for an international conference.

Eligibility for application is granted to foreign national governments, local governments, and other organizations carrying out projects contributing to the public interest.

* It does not matter whether the applying organization has corporate status or not.

* Individuals and for-profit corporations cannot apply for the JEC Fund Grant.

Deadline: 2 October 2017

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