News & events > Translife | International Triennale of New Media Art | Beijing
21 Jul 2011 - 19 Aug 2011

Translife | International Triennale of New Media Art | Beijing

Translife is organized in the framework of the Media Art China series, a triennale event that was established during the Beijing 2008 Olympics Cultural Project. This year the event gathers over 80 artists and artist collectives from 23 countries. Structured around three themes, the exhibition questions and investigates the challenges inherent to environmental sustainability. Through 53 artworks, the event reflects on the relationship between humankind and nature by exploring emerging concepts on life, cohabitation, and biodiversity among other topics. As the exhibition's venue, the National Museum of China (NAMOC) has been transformed to deliver a spacial and visual experience that captures the perceptual and emotional states of each individual while simultaneously symbolizing the complexities of the natural world. In addition, Chinese architect Ma Yansong was also commissioned to design an original installation called "Weather Tunnel" in collaboration with local artists. A 300-page catalog featuring original essays by renowned authors and co-published by NAMOC, The Liverpool University Press and the Foundation for Art and Creative Technologies in UK will be distributed worldwide. Artwork photography courtesy of Wang Yuyang