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24 Sep 2014

"The Ruined Archive": Essays on Memory, Postcolonialism and Museums

The Ruined Archive The research project MeLa* (European Museums in an age of migrations) is an EU-supported initiative which aims to delineate new approaches for museums in relation with the conditions posed by the migrations of people, cultures, ideas, information and knowledge in the global world. It involves nine partners, including universities, museums, one research council and one small company from five different European countries. In the context of one of its research fields, which focuses on 'Cultural Memory, Migrating Modernity and Museum Practices', MeLa* has recently published an extensive collection of essays entitled 'The Ruined Archive'. Edited by Iain Chambers, Giulia Grechi and Mark Nash, the volume focuses on the constellation of cultural, postcolonial and museum studies to propose a series of intersecting perspectives promoting critical responses in this area. One underpinning question is 'How does the modern museum respond to the movement, migration and mobilities of the modern world that exceed its practices and premises?'. The collection includes almost 20 articles, including academic approaches and case studies from Europe and other world regions. The publication is available for download at