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14 Jul 2011

European Museums and Libraries in the age of migrations


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MeLa European Museums and Libraries in/of the Age of Migrations is a four-year research project funded by the European Commission, which aims to delineate new approaches for museums and libraries in a context characterised by the continuous migration of people and ideas.

Funded under the Seventh Framework Programme, MeLa's main objectives are to advance knowledge in the field and to support museum and library communities, practitioners, experts and policymakers in developing new missions and forms of museums and libraries “in the age of migration”.

Project Abstract

MeLa intends to define new strategies for the multi-inter-transcultural organisation, conservation, exhibition and transmission of knowledge in ways and forms which reflect the conditions posed by the migrations of people, cultures, ideas, information and knowledge in the global world. It aims to evaluate how much these changes can interfere with the physical structures and the architecture of the exhibition places.

Check out the MeLa website for the range of very interesting conferences, research, exhibitions and associated projects which are taking place in Europe 20011 - 2015.

See, for example, the OPEN CALL for papers to redesign and redefine the Lobby of MACBA museum study centre in Barcelona as a "friction zone" to better engage with museum users (deadline 25 Jan 2012).

You can also join the MeLa network of museums, libraries, galleries, research centres and research projects specialised in the field of MeLa topics which will be constantly increased and expanded during the whole Project.