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20 May 2022 - 05 Jun 2022

Singapore International Festival of Arts 2022

Image of Life Profusion, courtesy of Arts House Limited.

The 2022 Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) – 20 May to 5 June – features new commissioned works by local and international artists and presents a new virtual venue, Life Profusion.

SIFA 2022–2024 is unified under the title The Anatomy of Performance, which focuses on what ‘performance’ in an international performing arts festival can encompass. The 2022 edition explores the concept of Ritual – every performance embodies a Ritual, as an evolving entity that relates to one’s shifting perspectives, personal beliefs and life philosophies. 

Curatorial programming​ – an overview

This year’s festival aims to express the current fluidity and intersections between art forms locally and internationally, and how many artists go beyond the conventional limits of artistic genres. 

There are three layers of programming:

  • Creation – New commissions, fresh iterations of works and the presentation of works by international artists
  • Life Profusion – SIFA’s virtual platform
  • SIFA X – Alternative performance offerings at Singapore venues Goodman Arts Centre and Aliwal Arts Centre, allowing for more diverse and eclectic programming

Programme highlights

Those who cannot make it in person can experience the virtual Life Profusion programme. In partnership with multidisciplinary Singapore studio System Sovereign, this new space is an independent entity that draws attention to the virtual landscape as a vital, rather than alternative, platform to artmaking. The content categories (+DREAM, +EAT, +DISCUSS, +GROW, +READ) connect with and run parallel to the thematic frames of the festival and artists programmed. ​

Other interesting international collaborations include: 

  • MEPAAN, a sonic journey by Singapore Chinese Orchestra and Borneo cultural agency, The Tuyang Initiative, exploring the spiritual and cultural nuance embedded in Southeast Asian culture
  • The Once and Future, an expanded cinema experience by Singaporean filmmaker Yeo Siew Hua, with live music from musicians of the Berliner Philharmoniker
  • Remotes X Quantum, a collaboration between playwright Eleanor Wong and Philippines-based John Torres that marries film and installation

Full programme 

Singapore International Festival of Arts 2022 is organised by Arts House Limited (AHL) and commissioned by the National Arts Council (NAC). 

Image: Life Profusion, Arts House Limited.