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30 Nov 2021

Malta | Blitz Valletta Digital Residency 2022

An international call for applications is open for Blitz Valletta's online 2022 residency.

Blitz Valletta’s Digital Residency is open to highly motivated individuals from all artistic disciplines, including (but not limited to) new media, digital platforms, film, photography, performance, painting, sound, architecture, electronic music, installation, and will be selected through a competitive open call. Selected applicants must have recently graduated (2017 onwards) from an arts-related postgraduate degree and are requested to present a proposal for an original artwork to be produced and exhibited on our digital platform OPEN, dedicated to Blitz’s digital programme of exhibitions, talks and activities.

The residency will include a research and production phase of approximately one month, during which the resident artist will be in a conversation with Blitz’s curatorial team while participating in a mentorship programme with Art Critic, Writer, Digital Art Specialist Valentina Tanni, together with a minimum of three international visiting professors and project-specific technical experts. The production phase will be followed by the launch of the proposed new artwork, which will be exhibited online for a minimum of two months. Public engagement is crucial to the residency programme, taking the form of virtual open studios, a workshop and/or a talk for a community of artists, researchers, educators, professionals and students. All these activities will be performed virtually and must form part of the applicant’s proposal.

Blitz’s curator will be in discussion with the residents prior to and during the residency about their work and intentions. The curator’s role will be to guide, discuss and work with the residents towards an idea or concept that is agreed upon by both parties. Each resident has access to Blitz staff and associates, who will offer guidance and support, and introduce the resident to the institution’s network. Our aim is to foster and encourage collaborations that are sustainable beyond the framework of the residency.

Blitz Valletta is offering three online residencies for the duration of three months each, starting February 2022, June 2022 and October 2022. One of the three residencies is exclusive to a Maltese artist. Blitz Valletta has dedicated a budget of €2,000 for each successful applicant, which includes an artist fee of €500 and a production budget for the artwork proposed in the application. The artwork must be original. No other grants are currently available, however selected candidates are issued a letter of acceptance for individual grant-seeking and funding applications.

Deadline for applications: 30 November 2021

Blitz was founded in 2013 as a grassroots, artist-run contemporary arts space, and it is housed in a four-level, typical Valletta townhouse, which was originally the family home of founder Alexandra Pace’s grandparents. After standing empty for over 30 years, the building slowly started returning to life through a dedicated and steady restoration process. Now, Blitz is a reference for contemporary art in Malta.