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07 Nov 2015 - 02 Jan 2016

Singapore | Do Ho Suh exhibition | Korea Festival 2015

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea and Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI) is delighted to present “Do Ho Suh: New Works”, featuring latest works by South Korean artist Do Ho Suh developed during his second residency at STPI. The exhibition runs 7 November 2015 - 2 January 2016. Known for his large-scale fabric installations and sublime architectural compositions ofpast homes, Suh has seamlessly translated compelling three-dimensional forms into the two-dimensional at STPI, with delicate thread drawings embedded in paper. These reflect the transnational dilemma of home and belonging, malleable spaces and memory, as well as the boundaries of identity. This breakthrough in his repertoire from his first residency in 2010 marked a significant innovation of working with paper pulp at STPI, leading to the artist's return to develop these drawings further. The exhibition will also showcase Suh's lithography and rubbings – the latter of which he has created using coloured pencils and dusting spices, like garam masala and chilli powder, over paper-covered surfaces of seemingly unremarkable objects that feature in everyday life such as electrical sockets, door handles and lift buttons. These sculptural pieces represent the architecture of spaces he feels an attachment to, preserving the experience of living in them through these symbolisms. Personal and highly autobiographical, these works also address universal journeys and experiences, provoking viewers to reflect on stories that define their own real and imagined lives. This exhibition is part of the Korea Festival 2015 in celebration of Korea’s 70th anniversary of liberation and 40 years of diplomatic ties with Singapore. Image: Work in progress, 'Myselves' | Courtesy STPI © Do Ho Suh