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10 May 2013 - 11 Aug 2013

New Zealand | 5th Auckland Triennial



The 5th Auckland Triennial opens in May at Auckland Art Gallery and seven additional sites, extending the Triennial’s reach across Auckland. Led by renowned curator Hou Hanru, If you were to live here... includes work by more than 35 New Zealand and international artists, collectives and architects.

Previously curator of major biennials including Lyon, Istanbul and Guangzhou, Hou has invited artists to respond to the diverse cultural, social, architectural and urban characteristics of Auckland. 'A triennial,' he says, 'is a space for producing new aesthetic forms and social spaces. It is not only an occasion to see art, but an interaction between artists, people and the city to envisage possible futures.'

More than thirty artists and collectives from around the world will present their work at If you were to live here ..., the largest Auckland Triennial to date. Opening 10 May, work by artists from Central and South America, North Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, and the United States will exhibit at eight venues throughout Auckland. For the first time, entry to all Triennial venues is FREE.

Curated by Hou Hanru, one of the most influential curators in the world today, the three-month festival of contemporary art will see local and international artists transforming Auckland spaces.

‘Hanru has brought a huge amount of influence and energy to bear on this triennial,’ says spokesperson, Auckland Art Gallery director Chris Saines. ‘His direction has galvanized an unparalleled number of institutional, public space and residency partnerships, which will expand its reach and intensify its engagement with the city. If you were to live here... will create a new space in which artists and architects can collaborate to re-think how we live in our cities.'

Image: Do-Ho Suh | A Perfect Home |The Bridge Project 2010 (still) synchronised four monitor animated digital slide presentation | Courtesy of Do-Ho Suh