News & events > Singapore Inside Out | in Beijing and London
24 Jun 2015 - 28 Jun 2015

Singapore Inside Out | in Beijing and London

singapore-creative-scene Singapore Inside Out is a 2015 international travelling creative showcase featuring a collection of multi-sensorial experiences designed by the country’s creative talents. Singapore: Inside Out is touring the global creative capitals of Beijing (April) and London (June). Beijing: 22-26 April 2015 Singapore: Inside Out makes its international debut at 751 D•PARK, one of Beijing’s leading contemporary creative quarters. The striking Bauhaus-style industrial architecture of 751 D•PARK is home to a cross section of Beijing’s leading design studios, furniture showrooms and fashion firms. The artistic vivacity of 751 D•PARK attracts a year-round roster of events including major design festivals and fashion shows. London: 24-28 June 2015 Singapore: Inside Out moves to London and takes up residence in Brick Lane Yard in the creative hub of East London. As the nation of Singapore comes of age in its golden jubilee year, audiences in Beijing and London are invited to an energetic, cross-disciplinary showcase of contemporary creative disciplines. This celebration of creativity and collaboration will inspire you to revisit existing preconceptions and discover new perspectives of Singapore. Curated by award-winning architect and artist Randy Chan, who helms one of Singapore’s leading architectural studios, Zarch Collaboratives. Randy’s architectural and design experience is guided by the simple philosophy that architecture and the aesthetics are part of the same impulse; hence you can expect an engaging and immersive experience at Singapore: Inside Out that will surprise and challenge your current impressions of Singapore. We invite you to step into this interactive experiential space that brings together a spectrum of disciplines, including architecture, design, fashion, film, food, music and the literary, performing and visual arts. As Singapore celebrates its 50th birthday, we welcome you to be immersed in a microcosm of this nation’s burgeoning creative scene. Through cross-disciplinary and international collaborations, you can expect fresh encounters with Singapore’s contemporary creative pulse.