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27 Aug 2016 - 30 Aug 2016

Penang | Federation for Asian Cultural Promotion FACP conference

facp-website-1 The Federation for Asian Cultural Promotion (FACP) is an association for individuals or corporations who are involved or interested in the performing arts. The FACP holds an annual conference, hosted each year by a different Asian city. This year, the 34th annual conference will be held in Penang on 28th and 29th of August in conjunction with George Town Festival. FACP is a non-profit, non-political organisation that works to promote networks for performing arts managers in the region and to foster understanding of the rich cultural heritage of Asia around the world. Previous cities hosting the FACP conference include Manila, Seoul, Tokyo and Bangkok. The conference aims to facilitate international touring and artistic issues and challenges facing the arts industry, providing a platform for arts and artist managers, cultural entrepreneurs and leaders. Registration for the Conference will also include an invitation to attend the Asian premiere of Triptyque by Les 7 doigts de la main on the evening of 27th August. For more information about the Conference, please visit FACP's official website: You may register for the Conference online, or offline via the pdf registration form available on our website.

FACP Conference registration deadline: 15 July 2016.

The FACP Conference is an annual event where delegates from all over Asia and beyond meet and discuss, debate, present and explore various aspects of art and culture in Asia. Held between 27th and 29th August in the historic Eastern & Oriental Hotel, located in the heart of George Town, the Penang conference focus is on traditional arts and classical music, with a keynote speech by Professor Hardy Yong Xiang, Vice Dean of the Institute for Cultural Industries, Peking University. This year, the Asian Gems in the Arts performances hail from seven countries around Asia, including the famous Jiangzhou Drum Orchestra. An exciting new performance of Nuowu, the traditional Taiwanese exorcist dance, by acclaimed Taiwanese composer Yiu-Kwong Chung combined with contemporary dancer Chien-Wei Wu, is also in the works. Other showcases include Rhythm in Bronze (Malaysia), the Kabataang Gitarista (The Philippines), Yat Po Singers from Hong Kong, The HIBIKI – Resonance – With Yuhi Ozaki from Japan, and Sung Jung Trio from Korea, together with soprano singer Park Jung Won. Started in 2010, George Town Festival is an annual month-long celebration of George Town's inclusion as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008. From there, the Festival has grown by leaps and bound, and it is now recognized as one of the main annual events in Southeast Asia. For more information about the festival, please visit our official website