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05 Sep 2013 - 15 Sep 2013

MUSLIHAT OK. Video | 6th Jakarta International Video Festival


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This year, MUSLIHAT OK. Video - 6th Jakarta International Video Festival, a biennial international video festival held since 2003 by ruangrupa, a contemporary art organization in Jakarta, will present various works of deception in outsmarting the video and moving images technology. A product of technology was created by the industry with its limitation in design, function, age, and variety that are marketed. These limitations are intentionally attached to the product to prevent customers from having a full access to the technology itself. On the other hand, the producer limit the production on both hardware (product) and software (idea/concept). This phenomenon has triggered significant reactions from the consumer in most of non-producers countries; they tricked the technology for many motives. How does one outsmart the technology limitation for personal, or until it develops into something bigger and organized purpose, is a work of deception in disguise. The exhibition will be held on 5-15 September 2013 in Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta. We will announce the three best work on the opening night, 4 September 2013. A series of discussions, workshops, open lab, and artist talks from 5-25 September will follow to broaden the exchange of ideas and discourse.

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