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02 Sep 2013

Muslihat OK. Video | Interview with Krisgatha Achmad

Krisgatha Achmad 2

Muslihat OK. Video – Jakarta International Video Festival is a biannual video festival held since 2003 by ruangrupa, an artists’ initiative in Jakarta, Indonesia. This month, interviews Krisgatha Achmad, a multimedia artist, DJ and street artist, who will also moderate the 'Art and Technology' discussion at the festival.

- Could you briefly tell us about your work and how you became involved with MUSLIHAT OK Video Festival?

I am involved in 'MUSLIHAT - OK Video' projects as one of the people who provide experience in media art practices using technology, especially in the practice in my artworks. In fact, technology has become close to life, and 'OK Video' seen as an attempt for consumers to access and develop the broadest technology, invites us to re-engage.

 - How would you define the relationship between art and technology in the Indonesian context?

The relationship about art and technology, as in life, already occurs 'fluidly' especially in developing countries, like a necessity of life. Personally, like most people in Indonesia, I am using technology as a medium, especially to facilitate the work process.

- Has technology made art more accessible to the Indonesian public?

Technological developments can make it messy for those who can't surf. For those of us who are conscious of easy online access, we play a fundamental role because human beings make technology a reality - as a means of convenience, both in a positive and negative way.
Krisgatha Achmad was born in Bandung, he currently lives and works in Jakarta. Majoring in interior design, he experimented with sounds, took interest in sound design, video, motion graphics and also occasional street projects. From 1999 to late 2010, Krisgatha was listed as an editor for several Indonesian independent and youth magazines. Most of his works can be found in various mediums and formats, from texts, graphics, canvas, prints and soundscapes to videos and installations. His works have been exhibited across the nation, and he has participated in international art forums, for both projects, seminars, and artist-in-residency programmes. His most notable work is the recorded collaboration with Indonesia’s leading punk band Jeruji (Lawan) and he is also the music director for feature film 5cm The Movie.