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14 Apr 2016 - 14 Jul 2016

MOOC Managing the Arts: Cultural Organizations in Transition

mooc_goethe MOOC MANAGING THE ARTS: CULTURAL ORGANIZATIONS IN TRANSITION - the free mentored open online course developed by the Goethe-Institut - returns for a new programme starting 14 April 2016. In its first iteration in 2015, the course created a truly global learning community. More than 17,000 people from 176 countries joined the course and worked on more than 75 video lectures and 4 video case studies. Registration is open Learn about challenges for cultural managers around the world, acquire management skills and gain direct insights into four arts organizations. Share your ideas with an international learning community and obtain a certificate. The learning outcomes focus on:
  • Audience development and outreach
  • Effective digital communications
  • Auditing and evaluating an arts program
  • Sustainable operations and marketing
  • Working with local cultural organizations in a global landscape
  • Planning for political and economic contingencies
  • Managing interdisciplinary teams and functions
  • Co-creating, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding
  • Strategy creation
We are very excited for arts and cultural managers, students and anyone who is eager to learn about arts and markets, and culture and marketing in the 21st century to join us. The course’s main topic is “transition”. We will approach tricky questions: How can arts organizations and cultural institutions operate successfully in times of rapid technological, economic and cultural changes? How can they navigate through times of crisis? What are the most important transformations in the cultural sector and how can cultural organizations benefit from them? The 13-week online course addresses contemporary challenges facing arts managers today, tasked with running organizations in constantly evolving, often volatile and complex situations. Learners will delve into four case studies specifically crafted for this MOOC with geographies as diverse as Berlin, Lagos, Bangkok, and Budapest. The stories you will listen to highlight the seismic shifts taking place in the operational strategies, budgeting and marketing practices, arts programming, and cross-cultural and trans-national partnerships of arts and cultural organizations today. During this year’s course you will be able to exchange ideas with mentors, tutors and peers from various professional and cultural backgrounds. Chris Dercon, art historian, curator and currently director of Tate Modern Gallery London, is the principal guide and keynote of the course. The faculty consists of arts experts, scholars, curators, digital strategists, communications specialists and cultural managers from all around the world who will deliver the coursework and assignment outlines as well as provide you guidance via keynote lectures, video interviews, academic research snippets, case study videos and readings. In live-webinars, you will have the chance to recapitulate your learning experience with the faculty of the course. The course will equip you with hands-on marketing and management skills that are indispensable to working not only with an arts organization but any non-profit, public or private initiative associated with diverse arts programming and practices. This Mentored Open Online Course is offered by the Goethe-Institut , in cooperation with Leuphana Digital School. Participation in the course is free of charge. The MOOC Managing the Arts runs 14 April - 14 July 2016. Learn more about the 2016 MOOC Managing the Arts format and speakers, coming from around the world. Read more about the 2015 MOOC programme participation and results. The first edition of this MOOC, ‘Marketing for Cultural Organizations’, which ran in 2015 was a big success. More than 17,000 learners from 176 countries joined the course which won an European Comenius EduMedia Award. Receiving a lot of feedback on the course, we have developed it even further for "Managing the Arts: Cultural Organizations in Transition".