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26 Sep 2016 - 06 Nov 2016

MOOC | European Culture and Politics

Learn about the link between identity, culture and politics in the construction of contemporary Europe.  A new free MOOC online course European Culture and Politics, developed by a group of top partner universities in Europe, explains what Europe is, not as a geographically demarcated territory, but as a cultural and political product. The course starts on 26 September and lasts 6 weeks.

Explore European culture and politics – and today’s key challenges

The course is a collaborative work of a multidisciplinary team from the University of Groningen, in partnership with the Universities of Göttingen, Krakow and Uppsala. We will revisit and tackle the perceived “truths” about the meaning of European identity and Europeanness. We will examine the ways in which cultural knowledge and facts were constructed to further integration processes in post-World War II Europe. You will analyse and explain the intertwined relationship between culture and politics in constructing and governing contemporary Europe. You will gain deep understanding of how struggles over the meaning of Europe have shaped European contemporary society and how they will shape Europe’s future. We will help you understand and identify the complexities of the contemporary crises of European integration and support you in developing novel responses to these crises. Watch the introductory video (warning - don't give up in the first minute - it's a teaser!): The course has been developed by the Euroculture programme, which conducts research and runs a multi-university master’s programme on European culture and politics. By joining this course and discussing your ideas with thousands of other learners across and beyond Europe, you will develop your intercultural communication skills and gain experience of discussing controversial and complex issues honestly and respectfully. The course is free, online, and delivered in weekly modules on the FutureLearn platform. You follow the material at your own pace and are not obliged to complete the course within the six weeks period. This course is designed for learners with a personal and/or professional interest in Europe, politics and culture. Those with some pre-knowledge of European history, culture and politics will find this course to be interesting and enriching. Those who studied Europe from either a political or cultural point of view will find much in this course that complements their previous studies. It is ideal for humanities and social sciences students and graduates, policy makers and those working in non-government organisations (NGOs).