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22 Jun 2020 - 30 Aug 2020

Australia | BLEED Biennial Live Event in the Everyday Digital

Art House and Campbelltown Arts Centre’s online biennial runs till 30th August. BLEED is a six year project exploring the live experience across platforms, conceived and presented by Art House (Melbourne) and Campbelltown Arts Centre (Sydney). 

BLEED was imagined in a pre-COVID19 paradise, where commissioning performance artists to create digital-only works, was often greeted with miscomprehension, even ridicule.

Seven weeks into this "festival" we’re seeing how deep the seam of creative potential is. Print, sound, live and interactive works are layering up on the site, offering unexpected experiences that stand in counterpoint to much of the "product" we consume in our everyday online.

BLEED interrogates the digital that exists in our communities, consciousness and culture. It is a response to the unfolding power shift in our digital existence, which flashes between enthusiastic embrace and citizens, corporations and governments merging into an evolving dance of convenience and cooperation.

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