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28 Jul 2023

ANI[MA] Project virtual showcase at The Wrong Biennale 2023

The Vietnamese A sông Collective is calling for artists and writers to participate in a virtual showcase, as part of the 6th edition of online The Wrong Biennale from 1 November 2023 to 1 March 2024.

The theme of the call is “anima” and it explores the ways in which one experiences the permeability between our and the spirit world through artistic productions. As both a metaphor and a state of being, “anima” brings the existence of the livings and non-livings together into a synthetic reality as a way.

The showcase seeks to destabilise modern spatialising projects that have been assimilating Southeast Asian cultures and memories and pieces that deal with the topic of spiritual sociality within the context of Vietnam and Southeast Asia are especially welcomed. 

Applicants’ work must respond to or interpret the idea of "spiritual sociality" and topics of investigation can include: commentaries on the virtual space's sociality; virtual mysteries/enigmas; paranormal narratives; the politics of ritualistic practices; histories, discourses, and local cultures on the face of online presence. 

Who can apply?

Artists and practitioners who work with digital forms, including video art moving images, sound-based art, digital painting, photography, multimedia art, web-based interactive applications, and more can apply. 

Writers, including independent scholars, art critics, creative writers, experimental writers, and more whose works demonstrate strong intellectual rigor and criticality can apply. 

A total of 13 works will be selected. 

ANI[MA] Project application guidelines

Deadline: 28 July 2023