11 Apr 2017

Malta launches Culture Pass for school students

Arts Council Malta announces the launch of Culture Pass, a programme offering every secondary student in Malta and Gozo the opportunity to experience at least one artistic production a year. The programme is being piloted during this school year, with a curated programme of 30 productions on offer to pupils.

A total of 10,000 students have already confirmed their participation in the new Culture Pass programme.

Through this programme, every secondary school student in Malta and Gozo has the opportunity to experience a minimum of one artistic production a year. A total of 30 artistic productions forming part of the new Culture Pass programme, which is being piloted this scholastic year, are all produced by creative professionals and presented through a curated programme.

The Culture Pass programme, which is managed by the Culture Directorate and Arts Council Malta, replaces the previous Culture Card, extending the new programme to all students in secondary schools.

Through a grant per ticket for producers, the events forming part of the Culture Pass programme are provided for free to all students and programmed directly by schools and colleges, according to their interests and requirements.

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