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04 Apr 2019 - 05 Apr 2019

Ljubljana | Mobility for Creativity conference

Poster in Slovenian language for Mobility for Creativity conference in Ljubljana, April 2019

Motovila institute, in cooperation with partners from Ireland, Czech Republic, Portugal, the Netherlands and Slovenia, is organizing Mobility for Creativity - a two-day conference on cultural mobility in Ljubljana, 4–5 April 2019. ASEF will participate in the event, with an ASEF Unplugged session.

The aim of the two-day event organised in Ljubljana is to explore the benefits and challenges of international mobility, including its environmental impact. Relevant guest speakers from Slovenia, Ireland, Czech Republic, Portugal, the Netherlands, Croatia, Austria and Slovenia will present established and new opportunities and support systems implemented at the level of the city, region or country, both within and beyond the EU, or for a specific cultural or creative sector.

ASEF is participating in Mobility for Creativity. ASEF will be part of the panel discussion on mobility funding schemes on the first day, 4 April 2019, when the discussions will revolve around how international mobility is supported at the systemic level, e.g. through various programs that co-finance mobility or at technical level with information and consultancy provision. On the second day, the focus of discussions will be on mobility in practice, including its environmental impacts.

ASEF Unplugged - Ljubljana at the Who is Who Sessions

ASEF will also implement the 14th edition of ASEF Unplugged as part of the Who is Who sessions on both days of the conference devoted to conference participants who wish to know more about various programs, mechanisms, contact points, services and other opportunities promoting mobility through funding or information support.

ASEF Unplugged is the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)'s event-series offering more informal and intimate spaces for open, authentic and peer-to-peer conversations. Designed as a meet-and-greet session, ASEF Unplugged is a format responsive to the rapidly changing needs of an increasingly interactive and engaged audience.