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01 Oct 2016 - 06 Nov 2016

Indonesia | SIPFest 2016

sipfest Catch up with the programme of 2016 Salihara International Performing Arts Festival in Jakarta. SIPFest is a biennial that features important art groups—in music, dance, and theater—from Indonesia and abroad. The 2016 SIPFest features 14-15 music, dance, and theater groups—four of them are percussion music groups, making this year’s SIPFest rather “percussive”. Many foreign performing arts groups premiere their works at the 2016 SIPFest. They are, amongst others, She She Pop (Germany), Lukas Ligeti & Hypercolor (Austria & USA), Ingun Bjornsgaard (Norway), Arica Theatre Company (Japan), The Human Zoo Theatre Company (UK), and Kee Yong Chong (Malaysia). Three of the percussion music groups are from Indonesia, performing results of their experimentation and reinterpretation of Indonesia’s rich traditional percussion heritage. The other group comes from Australia, bringing with them an equally interesting experimentation. While still sustaining Salihara Festival’s international vision, SIPFest also aims to strengthen its recreative aspect, that is, where an artist's creation can become recreation (entertainment) for the audience, while also stimulating the audience’s re-creative process (that is, the process of creating anew; of invigorating one’s creativity). We also aim to increase the Festival's educational content through, amongst others, (public) workshops with performing artists and other guest artists. In the dance category, this year’s festival will feature two of Indonesia’s foremost choreographers, Eko Suprianto and Fitri Setyaningsih, each presenting new dance works inspired by Indonesia’s traditional dance heritage. In theater, Kalanari Theatre Movement will perform site-specific theater performance. Eko Supriyanto’s and Kalanari’s performances are world premieres. Komunitas Salihara is an arts center active since August 8, 2008 and the first private multidisciplinary arts center in Indonesia.