News & events > Indonesia | Salihara International Performing Arts Exchange (SIPAX) | CANCELLED!
06 May 2013 - 08 May 2013

Indonesia | Salihara International Performing Arts Exchange (SIPAX) | CANCELLED!



For further information, see SIPAX website and Facebook page

The 2013 Salihara International Performance Arts Exchange (SIPAX) is an international event that brings together artists, performers, and festival organisers from a number of Asian, European and American countries. SIPAX takes place in Jakarta, Indonesia on May 6-8 2013 and features conferences, showcases, and exhibitions.

SIPAX is a performing arts conference and marketplace with a focus on the Asian arts. It is also an important forum for connecting artists and presenters and also debating the issues facing the industry.
  • Meet the established and the new generation of festival directors and gain new knowledge about the diverse performing arts industry in the new Asia
  • Network with experts, artists, choreographers, directors, and government arts organisers
  • Get the latest information and news on international collaborations between Asian choreographers and European artists.
The presence of numerous performing arts festivals in Asia is one of the focus of SIPAX 2013. Especially in an attempt to connect festival organisers and programmers, and to help foster strong networks amongst them. Meanwhile, showcases by selected artists will highlight the very latest in Indonesian performing arts that show great capacity to draw international attention. In addition to showcasing their works, artists have the opportunity to open dialogues and build cooperation with attending festival organisers and programmers. The conference will discuss, amongst others, the economic development of Asian countries and its relation to the development of performing arts in this region. How can Asian performing arts draw a connection to those developing in Europe and America? Read more about Salihara who organise SIPAX