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10 Sep 2021

At Home/Being Home e-residency | 4 artists selected!

Casa Asia and ASEF through its arts website are excited to announce the selection of 4 emerging artists from Malaysia, Spain and Viet Nam that will participate in the upcoming At Home/Being Home e-residency. The selected artists will work online over the next 6 weeks in 2 pairs, under the mentorship of Jayachandran PALAZHY, choreographer & artistic director of Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts.

Here are the selected artists who will take part in the residency:

Pair 1: Jo Ngô Kỳ Duyên (Viet Nam) & Eva Antelo Mata (Spain)

Jo Ngo (Viet Nam)

Jo or Ngô Kỳ Duyên is a Saigonese visual artist whose work is associated with moving images, virtual reality, augmented reality, new media art. She aims to reach more audiences in a stronger and appealing narrative form with high-tech support and advocate for the creative community to go beyond the traditional mediums. Her main focus is healing art, meditation, and spreading positive energy for a safe mental outlet which is even more crucial than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Eva Antelo (Spain)

Eva  is a young spanish artist who builds her work as if it was a home; using space, speech, and inhabiting as its major backbones. Nowadays she delves into the concept of habitability, traversing through the relationships and meanings contained inside it: to inhabit in a who [identity], a what [body], a where [belonging], a when [zeitgeist], a how [privacy], a why [shelter]. Also, the bond between house and home: being the house an object that may be subjected to commodification, and the current situation of home due to urban speculation. It is now, thought, not as a fundamental right of every human being, as it is written in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; yet as a trading item for individual enrichment. She aims to investigate through various artistic fields, from performing to media.

Pair 2: Luvenia Kalia (Malaysia) & Lucas García Álvarez (Spain)

Luvenia Kalia (Malaysia)

Luvenia is a multidisciplinary artist with dance as her primary art form. Aside from her ongoing independent artistic career, Luvenia is also the Arts and Culture Producer at Maitree House, an immersive storytelling XR company based in Australia and Asia. She co-founded the Multidisciplinary Arts Collective (MAC), an organisation based in Slippery Rock that serves as a networking platform to encourage artists to collaborate across disciplines on a student level. She advocates for the devising process and incorporation of improvisation techniques in performance making and choreography. Luvenia has worked internationally with artists from Malaysia, Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Laos, Philippines, Singapore, France, and Spain with intentions of building a borderless artistic community.

Lucas Garcia Alvarez (Spain)

Lucas graduated in Tourism by the University Of Oviedo (Spain), co-director of Meraki Cía. performing arts. He started dancing in 2009 with bboying. Afterwards he studied Contemporary Dance at Zig Zag Danza. He has completed his education through different workshops and classes at The Place(UK), Impulstanz(AT), La Caldera (ES), Marameo (DE), Almadanza (IT), Tanzfabrik (DE), Danza180(ES) to name a few. Meraki Cía. He has taken part in different festivals and spaces in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Portugal, Germany, USA, Chile, Mexico, Ecuador and Argentina amongst others. As a performer he has worked with Dana Raz Dance Projects, Izadora Weiss/ BTT (Poland) and Cia Nishelma. He has worked for Campoamor Theater Operetta and Opera and different TV spots and he was one of the dancers of the Spanish TV Show Fama A Bailar! 2019. Nowadays he is working with Rober Gómez in the duet "Genzai".

At Home/Being Home, an e-residency for young emerging artists from the performing arts, music, film and new media sectors. With this e-residency culture360 continues to organise virtual capacity building initiatives in response to the impact of the global pandemic.A thematic digital diary presenting the participants' experience and collaborative process will be posted on ASEF culture360's Instagram account on a weekly basis.