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05 Sep 2012 - 04 Oct 2017

Festival O! Gwangju Media Art 2012

The Festival O! is a media art festival in Gwangju that uses an exhibition facade and a large scale media art platform to maximize the notion and function of interactivity. Theme: Light+Human The critical key to media art is its interactive components that lead to ‘participation.’ Therefore it could be seen that the ultimate ideal of media art is an art that communicates with the masses. As ‘light’ represents hope in this chaotic period in a historical site like Gwangju, today ‘light’ also expands through individual beings and new communication discourse of information in the informative society. This project attempts to connect high tech art with life through media façade and the interactive experiences of media art that takes place at the plaza around the subject of ‘light’ and ‘human’. Context The Gwangju Democratization Movement during the 18 May democratic uprising in 1980 was the foundation for the establishment of democracy in Korea. Event venue: 5.18 Democracy Square is the historical and commemorative place for Korean Democracy. Opening Ceremony Pre-Opening Ceremony 18:00 Light Sculpture Exhibition Open Main Opening Ceremony 20:00 Media art performance Lim, Jihyung & Gwangju Modern Dance Company with Cho, ISU (10min) 20:10 Laser Media Magic Show Smart Magic Company (10min) 20:20 Media Façade Opening [Light+Human] Ha, Joonsu • Luit (10min) 21:00 Videoart with Techno Lim, Sunjong(15min), ninano_nanda(30min), Bagagee Viphex13 (30min), DJ Song, Sungmin, Shin, Dowon (Total 145min) Source: Festival O! Gwangju Media Art