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21 Mar 2016 - 26 Jun 2016

Exhibition: "Dolls: Faces of Japanese Tradition" | Poland

Dolls Faces of Japanese Tradition poster Dolls Faces of Japanese Tradition “Dolls: Faces of the Japanese tradition”, which can be visited at the Manggha Museum  of Japanese Art and Technology, in Krakow, Poland, until 26 June 2016, is an exhibition of Japanese dolls describing the various functions and roles they fulfill in Japanese society. All presented objects, hundreds of figures, come from Polish collections, including the Museum of Dolls in Pilzno, Villa Japonica in Wisla and from other private collectors. The exhibition is addressed to all those interested in beautiful Japanese dolls and, especially, to the younger audience. In this context, a colouring book with representations of different types of dolls and short information texts has also been published. A set of accompanying events in the form of workshops and meetings with specialists dealing with the theme of dolls has also been planned throughout the duration of the exhibition. For additional information about "Dolls: Faces of Japanese Tradition", please visit A text providing guidance to the different sections and themes of the exhibition is also available.