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13 Jan 2015 - 15 Jan 2015

European Creative Hubs Forum Lisbon 2015

  ch-logo The first dedicated forum for Creative Hub Managers from across the EU and beyond. European Creative Hubs Forum Lisbon (ECHF Lisbon ’15) takes place 13-15 January and is a one-stop-shop for those dedicated to supporting creative businesses. Join ECHF Lisbon for two and a half days with your fellow hub managers: networking; peer-learning; exploring best practice and case studies; discovering new markets, new models and new opportunities; and learning about public funding and private investment. Lisbon is already a busy centre for the development of creative industries, innovation and urban entrepreneurship. ECHF ‘15 focuses on practical information and case studies for managers of creative Hubs, Clusters and Business Incubators. The sessions vary from interactive plenaries to hands-on workshops on a wide variety of topics such as Cross-Innovation, Living Labs, capacity-building and peer-learning: all aimed at empowering the Hub Manager to be better prepared for the challenges they face every day. Targeted Hub Manager Speed Meetings, new project development, Finance information session on both EU programmes as well as Private sources like Venture Capital and Angel Investors and the Forum's very own Manifesto for Creative Hubs in Europe will make for an unforgettable and extremely rich experience for Hub Managers. is organised by British Council and ADDICT Creative Industries, Portugal. A creative hub is a physical or virtual ‘place’ where people meet, connect and collaborate. That might be: a collective or co-operative; a creative, tech or cultural space; a network that gathers people or a space that houses a cross disciplinary community of creatives. Where we refer to them as hubs, others might refer to them as clusters, labs, co-working spaces or incubators. Creative Hubs are a key element for the European economy, fostering economic growth, qualified employment and assisting in the internationalisation of the creative and cultural economy. Whether supported through the subsidised sector or through private investment, whether developed in partnership with large institutions such as Universities or maintained through loose collectives, Europe’s Creative Hubs offer creative businesses the opportunity to grow, thrive and reach larger markets and wider audiences, standing as a key part of the creative ecosytem. Mapping Survey Are you a Creative Hub Manager? If yes, participate in our mapping survey, organised in partnership with the European Creative Business Network