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01 Feb 2014 - 28 Feb 2014

Copenhagen | Wondercool Cultural February 2014



Wondercool is a great cultural partnership event that installs a Cultural February in chilly Copenhagen for the whole of the winter month. Nine festivals and institutions join forces to bring you events that will tempt the ears, delight the taste buds and indulge the aesthetic senses. Visitors will have the chance to sample a cocktail of fashion, design, gastronomy, art, music and architecture. Wondercool turns Copenhagen’s winter grey February into a colourful cultural month, with trendsetting events by Copenhagen Cooking, FOKUS video art festival, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Design museum Denmark, Danish Architecture Centre, Louisiana – museum of modern art, SMK - National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen Fashion Festival and FROST music festival. Check out the Wondercool highlights
  • Until now, the old brewery of King Christian IV has never been open to the public. Through a series of housewarming concerts curated by FROST music festival, you are invited inside to experience the Danish bands, The Mountains and Turboweekend, each performing in the old granary.
  • Designmuseum Danmark has collaborated with some of the best creative forces and acclaimed Danish brands to give you an extraordinary design, scenography and gastronomical experience.